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About Sanei Keiran Co.,Ltd.

Our Mission

We have loved eggs for over 100 years. Without question, the Sanei group promises to deliver Japan’s wonderful food culture through its TAMAGO eggs.


Our MANGETSU TAMAGO range of eggs are now being sold across the world. These eggs have been made to our high standards reached through long discussions with our chickens. The result is an egg that everyone and their families will enjoy, and will never tire of eating, even if consumed daily for breakfast.

The eggs are specially formulated by adding mugwort, seaweed, acetic wood acid and marigold, along with sesame (containing plentiful Omega 3 fatty acids) to the concentrated feed. The modern diet is said to require Omega 3 fatty acids which the body naturally changes into DHA and EPA. 110mg of Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in MANGETSU TAMAGO. With our long history of feed sales, we are now committed to producing quality eggs. That quality you will discover with your first bite; an egg with a rich flavor and texture, that you’ll want to eat daily.

Our Standard design

01.Arrived Eggs





06.Automatic Dirt Detector

07.Automatic Crack Detector

08.UV sterilizer

09.Carry Weigher

10.Abnormal Egg Detector

11.Robot System




15.Storage Room


Since our inception, the aim has been to produce fresh, delicious tasting, safe and fine eggs with rich yolks, sumptuous
whites, and firm shells. We have long considered these important basics of egg production. Eggs are produced by chickens, not by humans. Although we cannot change the eggs themselves, we can do our utmost in controlling and improving the process from production to delivery.

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Our Story

SaneiKeiran Co. Ltd. was founded as a rice grain store in 1891, and currently manages a total egg production process from feed sales through to wholesale and direct sales. Since 2006 we have sold eggs produced in our native Okazaki as Okazaki Tamago (eggs), created by well cared for chickens raised in our Atsumi farms, and fed an original combination of mugwort, seaweed and sesame to achieve quality, tasty MANGETSU eggs, that you’ll want to enjoy daily. We receive eggs from both directly managed and contract poultry farms, then clean, screen, inspect, process, package, and sell the eggs, mainly throughout Aichi Prefecture. Our strict sanitary standards have been recognized by the Singaporean Government and our eggs exported there since 2012. Currently only 5 farms across Japan have been certified. Sanei continuously introduces cutting edge inspection equipment to monitor quality. Since 2016, we continue to serve or customers as the Ichikawa Feed Co. Ltd, the Sanei Toyohashi Tamago Co. Ltd., and the Sanei Hokubu Tamago Co. Ltd.

Company data

Company Name
Sanei keiran Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director
Naohiro Ichikawa
Establishment Year
April 8,1980
  • Head office 40 Shinmachi Nakajimacho Okazaki Aichi,444-0917Japan
  • G.P Center 2-30 Hinanishimachi Okazaki Aichi ,444-0226 Japan
Group Company
  • Ichikawa Feed Co.,Ltd.
  • Sanei Toyohashi Tamago Co.,Ltd.
  • Sanei Hokubu Tamago Co.,Ltd.